Client Success Program

You may have already worked with Gloo on your implementation. Or you used another third party but are looking for something better. Or you did it yourself. Now consider working with Gloo to continue to help you get the most out of your Zoho system.

The success of your CRM system relies not only on selecting the right software solution but also on having access to the ongoing technical and business expertise necessary to understand and consult with you on your business and processes and then configure, support and develop that system as well as keeping you and your team trained. We help you build the best customer experience possible by mapping each relevant stage of your customer’s journey through your organization to the appropriate Zoho application.

What we can do for you

Gloo earned its designation as a Certified Zoho CRM Consultancy partly due in part to our experience in implementing Zoho CRM systems. You’ll benefit from our team’s extensive experience in consulting, configuring and integrating Zoho systems.

Get fast, expert answers to how-to questions, help with technical issues and even product demonstrations of the many Zoho business applications available to you.

Professional Services
Gloo combines business analysis and best practices with extensive experience migrating data to, implementing, configuring and integrating Zoho systems.

Whether it be train-the-trainer, end-user training, management/executive training, or administrator training, our custom training services are tailored to your business needs and Zoho system.


Go beyond an out-of-the-box implementation and maximize your Zoho system’s full potential by allowing our developers to apply their experience and extend the functionality of it or integrate it with third-party applications.

We’ll help you get more out of Zoho:

  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Customer Service and Support
  • Surveys
  • Reporting / Business Intelligence
  • Project Management
  • Accounting
  • Inventory Management