Aqua Blue Water & Filtration Case Study

Success in Reducing Order Confirmation Time

“Gloo’s perseverance in setting up Zoho CRM to “talk to” our new delivery software has enabled us to get past the manual order management and route planning. We expect their solution to reduce order confirmation time by 30 to 40%.”

Jeff Naylor

Owner, Aqua Blue Water & Filtration

Aqua Blue Water Filtration

Aqua Blue Water is a water filtration and delivery business in and around Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. With product line expansion, Aqua Blue Water now is able to offer bottleless water coolers plus it carries, installs and services single, dual, ultrafiltration and Reverse Osmosis systems.


For over 20 years, Aqua Blue administrative staff had to manually sort through endless emails to determine who ordered what and when.Meanwhile, Aqua Blue delivery drivers struggled their way manually through their day with no guide other than paper and their own phone’s GPS to guide them on their route. Also, the routing software program was approaching its end of life. The business kept growing but the systems could not keep up. And so began the search for a way to automate order collection and to replace an antiquated delivery system.


Gloo worked closely with the Aqua Blue ownership and marketing staff to document the order and delivery processes. That set the foundation to document requirements and design a solution. Gloo sourced replacement delivery software and created a process that moves Zoho CRM data into it. Gloo also automated order collection into Zoho CRM governed by multiple rules such as delivery scheduling for specific zones, recurring orders and email notifications specific to each use case. For registration Gloo used Zoho Forms to collect entries and create a Lead in Zoho CRM. Also Zoho Flow is used to collect orders from another Zoho Form and run the custom code that computes the rules for creating an order in Zoho CRM. As a result of the rules and automation, an order list is created that is then imported into the delivery software.


Aqua Blue expects Gloo's solution to reduce order confirmation time by 30 to 40%. Enabling our delivery software to “talk to” Zoho CRM will be invaluable in not just keeping us organized before and during the deliveries but will also provide a history of orders and deliveries upon which we can run analytics and make better business decisions going forward.

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