About Us

We are certified Advanced Zoho Partners, and at Gloo, we ensure our clients get the most out of their Zoho business software. We also recognize that people and processes are just as important as technology, and our values and mission are aligned with ensuring we deliver the best solutions to our clients.

Our team of consultants brings years of experience working for several leading CRM and business software companies, along with a full technical understanding of Zoho’s suite of products. We will design the most optimal solutions for your business, providing professional Zoho consulting services, data migration, training, integration of Zoho apps, third-party solutions, and full development services.

Our Values

We value integrity, accountability, communication, and providing superb service to our clients and to each other.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide clients with streamlined, efficient, and well-reported software systems, offering superb and affordable services in line with Zoho products.

What We Do

We help businesses achieve their goals, and we excel at it. We stand by our clients at every step to ensure a smooth transition.

Our History

We like to go after what we want. Lorin, with a passion for technology and a history in CRM, was drawn to Zoho’s software applications for many reasons, including flexibility, functionality, and the company’s overall mission. In 2010, Lorin contacted Zoho because he noticed there was no Zoho representation, no partner, in Vancouver. After proving Lorin’s history and credentials to Zoho, they agreed! Since then, Gloo has grown into a thriving boutique consulting business. Clients initially needed CRM, but soon they needed email marketing and more. Zoho responded with more features and applications, and Gloo got busy! We now support the entire suite of 40+ Zoho applications, not just CRM. You can find a list of many of these applications on our product page.

Why choose us?

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As a Certified Zoho Consultants, we offer premium professional services and support to help you get the most out of your CRM investment.

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