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• Efficient Lead to Deal Pipeline Management
• Collaborate without wasting time looking for documents
• Take advantage of the tight integration of marketing and CRM applications
• Turn your manual processes into automated efficiency and analytics!

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“I chose to work with Lorin and Gloo because while others seemed to focus only on the technical aspects of CRM, Gloo's focus was clearly on our sales process and people first, to be followed by technology.”

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Customized Lead to Deal Pipeline Management

Unlock the potential of your sales team with Gloo CRM's customized lead to deal pipeline management using Zoho CRM. We'll ensure your sales operations run smoothly from automatically capturing the initial lead in CRM to follow-up notes and activities to quoting to successful deal closure.  

We'll first map, then optimize your sales processes for success with solutions such as, (but certainly not limited to!) webform-to-CRM lead capture, lead management, pipeline management and activity management, just to name a few. This is your CRM for consulting!

Document Management

Integration of Zoho CRM, Workdrive, and Writer for document automation. Features like version control, real-time collaboration, file sharing, and advanced file search and document organization capabilities help users manage their documents more efficiently.

These features facilitate and encourage collaboration and save you time looking for documents.

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Email Lead Generation

Email Marketing

Gloo will help personalize Zoho with customizations and integrations of Zoho CRM, Zoho Campaigns and Marketing Automation and Zoho Projects and Zoho Books to streamline your consulting processes.

For example, Zoho’s marketing applications offer strong integrations with Zoho CRM, an SMS gateway, advanced deliverability options, and a range of features tailored to the needs of businesses of all sizes.

Insightful Decision-Making with Zoho Analytics

Gain insight into your business operations with Zoho Analytics. Integrated with many Zoho applications, Zoho Analytics provides enhanced visibility into customer demands via metrics and key performance indicators.

Tired of searching for reports? Let us build custom dashboards for you.

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Business Insights

“The skills and development Gloo has provided are vital to meeting our growing business needs. We had a change in business structure that increased our invoicing requirements by upwards of 300% and was difficult for Accounts Receivable to keep up, crippling our ability to develop a particular revenue stream.

Gloo took a methodical approach to address our sales process, document management, training, and culture to redesign the infrastructure we had in place. Through improved data quality, reduced error potential, and automated document flow our accounting department gained about 16 labor-hours per week by reducing repetitive tasks and automated reporting.

Now we have reporting to make informed decisions rather than the laborious approach we used to employ. We have gone on to other projects developing with Gloo and consider their staff an extension of ours.”

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