Zoho CRM:
Your Customer Data’s Home

Zoho CRM comes feature-rich and pre-integrated
at a fraction of the cost of its competitors.

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Integrated Apps

Centralized Data

Manage customer data from one centralized repository with the interoperability, flexibility and organization-wide accessibility of Zoho CRM.

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Reports & Analytics

Empower your team to view and share the information they need to gain business insight via reports, dashboards and widgets.

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Automate & Personalize

Automate repetitive tasks to free-up your team’s time. Personalize your communications, fostering stronger customer relationships.

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Why Zoho CRM?

Name the most compelling reason you are seeking a CRM system. Your problem is definitely not a lack of data. More likely, it's because you struggle to condense all that data into meaningful insights. Simply put:

You need a report!

Zoho CRM Report

Zoho Analytics & Reports

Now “report” is one of those words that means different things to different people:

  • Want to see selected information on your leads in a quick view?
  • Or view and edit it via a spreadsheet view?
  • Need more complexity? Zoho CRM Reports allow you to pull data from throughout the program into one report that you can filter down and summarize as needed.
  • Maybe text and numbers are “too much” and you need to synthesize all that information into a graph or chart. Zoho CRM Analytics has you covered.
  • Need interactive data or need to blend CRM data with other applications’ data? See Zoho Analytics.
Centralized Customer Data

Central Repository of Data

But you cannot report on your data properly if it isn’t accessible. Large spreadsheets with disconnected worksheets and disparate systems create silos of data that do not talk to one another.Zoho CRM centralizes your data, enabling you to view it as you need it. This also enables collaboration across your organization because everyone can see the same data. There’s one version of the truth and your entire team can read from it!

Zoho CRM Modules

Data Segmentation and Organization

One customer, so much data. How do you take all this data - even on a single customer - and organize it so it’s easy to find, easy to read and makes sense to employees coming from different backgrounds and lines of business? Zoho CRM segments and organizes your data into “modules” such as leads, contacts, accounts and deals:

  • Need to see where your customer is in your sales pipeline?
  • What marketing campaigns have been sent to this person?
  • Is that sales demo scheduled for them?
  • Check client’s support ticket status prior to that sales call.
  • Check client’s invoice payment status before you proceed with that next deal.

It’s all there in Zoho CRM.

Sales Automation With Zoho CRM

Automation for Efficiency

Zoho is a product company and loves creating tools that automate repetitive tasks, freeing-up your team to focus on high-value activities instead of administrative tasks.  Zoho CRM empowers you to automate:

  • record assignment to users
  • approval processes
  • workflow
  • process enforcement
  • email notifications
  • field updates
  • webhooks
  • custom functions
  • case escalation
  • scoring rules
Leads in Zoho CRM

Personalized Customer Engagement

Zoho CRM enables personalized engagement, fostering stronger relationships and ensuring your customers feel valued. That includes sending email (either directly from Zoho CRM or with data from Zoho CRM that was synced to Zoho Campaigns) with information your email template pulls from Zoho CRM and merges to the email. It also ensures you have the necessary information at your fingertips during customer calls. We've all encountered situations where someone, or even a recording, requests information they've already asked for in the past, yet here they are, asking us to repeat the work and provide the same information again. The truth is, your customer doesn't mind whether you remember their details from memory or retrieve them from your CRM. What matters is not your memory but your 'corporate memory,' precisely what Zoho CRM provides for your entire organization.