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You’re faced with a challenge: disparate data spread across multiple systems. The question arises: can you bring these systems together seamlessly? Is integration necessary? To tackle this, it’s essential to pinpoint the exact issues you aim to resolve.

One pressing concern is the regular occurrence of leads slipping through the cracks. This inefficiency can be a significant pain point for your business. Additionally, you may lack visibility into your team’s daily activities and whether they adhere to established processes. You recognize the need for a structured system, but you might be unsure of where to initiate the transformation.

The journey begins with problem definition. The discovery phase takes center stage in your project as it serves as the cornerstone for the successful implementation of Zoho solutions.


"Gloo ended up doing exactly what was required and did it in a fashion that made the whole process very easy to swallow. Our staff continue to use Zoho everyday and Lorin checks in every once in awhile to see if things are ok. I’ve been extremely happy with my decision to use Gloo".

Mark Wheeler
Air Canada Cargo

"I chose to work with Gloo because while others seemed to focus only on the technical aspects of CRM, Lorin’s focus was clearly on our sales process and people first, to be followed by technology."

Mattieu Casey
General Sales Manager,
Air Canada Cargo

"Gloo helped us navigate through the options available to us to arrive at a solution that now allows us to locate everything we need to manage our customers - customer records, documents, email - all from one centralized and integrated interface.”

Darcy Nestibo
President, Nestibo Agra
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