Our process: Review

"Gloo not only provided flawless and effective consulting services regarding Zoho, but also provided us with expertise to help us document a sales process that needed to be defined in order to implement Zoho CRM".
Alessandra Olmedo
Execute Assistant,
Wales McLelland Construction
"The Gloo team’s support and development has been invaluable to help our team get over some of the more complex areas of Zoho."
Joe Finizio
VP Sales & Marketing,
Action Systems Inc (ASI)
"We have been very impressed with Lorin’s support on helping our team in the configuration and training with the Zoho CRM package, especially the quotes, invoices and purchase orders and corresponding templates. We appreciate the work done on our system. It was a pleasure working with you."
Richard Duquette
Owner/Sales Manager, KAD Industrial Services Inc

Beyond Zoho Implementation

Building on what we’ve learned about your business in the implementation, the review consultation provides both you and Gloo three key insights: Further business needs, Other Zoho applications and benefits of client services program.​
So we’ve implemented your system and your team has been trained. What’s next? What do you need to ensure your success going forward? What are the next challenges we foresee for you and your team and what other applications, services and solutions can help you meet those challenges? We always want to help you prepare and be ready for the future. This is how we do it.

Building on What We’ve Learned

Building on what we’ve learned about your business during the implementation, the review consultation provides both you and Gloo with three key insights:

1. Further Business Needs: We identify any additional business needs that have arisen since the implementation and work with you to address them.

2. Other Zoho Applications: We explore other Zoho applications that could further enhance your operations and streamline your processes.

3. Benefits of the Client Services Program: We introduce you to the benefits of our client services program, ensuring you have the ongoing support and resources needed for continued success.

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