Methodical Planning and Solution Design

You’ve got disparate data in multiple systems but can you integrate them? Do you need to integrate them? What are you trying to solve, exactly? Leads are falling through the cracks regularly. You have no idea what your team does everyday or if they’re even following a process. You know you need systems in place but you don’t really know where to start. You start by defining the problems. Discovery, by far is the most important phase of your project, discovery lays the foundation for your implementation’s success.

During discovery, we assess and document your current and future processes. We note the gaps required to get you where you want to be, determine a plan to migrate your data, document our solution, and also quote your implementation.

If you believe your project is one that can be “knocked-off” in a hurry, we’d encourage you to think again.

The benefits of planning your project methodically and with structure are clear:
• lays the foundation upon which a business case can be made and defended internally to others, or to yourself.
• clarifies your goals and challenges
• documents your processes so everyone is working from “one version of the truth”
• keeps everyone involved in the project, ie: stakeholders, “on the same page” from Day 1 to Go-Live
• manages expectations, mitigates risk and quite frankly minimizes stress, because everyone knows what the plan is so there are no surprises.

At Gloo, we know time is tight. We know you want to move ahead as quickly as possible. We also know, more than anything, you want your project to be successful.  Breezing over the discovery phase of your project and rushing into configuration and customization without a well-thought-out plan and consensus is a recipe for disaster. You wouldn’t try building your home without a blueprint. That’s why we follow our proven methodology of document, collaborate and communicate. This is how your project will succeed. This is how you will benefit from working with us.

Your CRM project is not a snapshot in time. It’s not something to be started and stopped. Once you start with your CRM, it’s something that needs to be maintained and kept-up - just like your home. From the beginning, consider your CRM as something your business will benefit from for years and years to come. That value you obtain depends on how well you maintain that system. Ignore it, and your employees will stop using it. Your house will become dilapidated. Maintain it, and it will rise in value substantially. It’s an investment that pays off many times over.

Most people do not have the time or expertise to learn how to plan for, setup, configure, customized, develop, migrate data, test internally, test with users, prepare for and conduct custom training, support their team when going live and maintain the system beyond implementation and do it all over again when the next set of requirements demands automating. Work with us and we’ll ensure your investment is just that - an investment that pays off with substantial ROI.

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"Gloo not only provided flawless and effective consulting services regarding Zoho, but also provided us with expertise to help us document a sales process that needed to be defined in order to implement Zoho CRM".

Alessandra Olmedo
Execute Assistant,
Wales McLelland Construction
Restaurant Manager Testimonial

"The Gloo team’s support and development has been invaluable to help our team get over some of the more complex areas of Zoho."

Joe Finiziorassa
VP Sales & Marketing,
Action Systems Inc (ASI)
KAD Industrial Services

"We have been very impressed with Lorin’s support on helping our team in the configuration and training with the Zoho CRM package, especially the quotes, invoices and purchase orders and corresponding templates. We appreciate the work done on our system. It was a pleasure working with you."

Richard Duquette
Owner/Sales Manager, KAD Industrial Services Inc
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