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• Efficient Lead to Deal Pipeline Management
• Simplify your estimating and tie it to your financial system
• Enhanced Production Planning and Collaboration

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“Gloo’s configuration, training and support of Zoho CRM, Zoho Campaigns and the integration between the two applications has helped streamline our email marketing campaigns to be very efficient. Gloo was instrumental in working with the Zoho development team to enhance the Zoho Campaigns application so that we at head office can control the email marketing for all our geographically dispersed dealers.

We manage all our leads in Zoho CRM, sync those leads to Zoho Campaigns and then are able to send the email campaign with individual dealer email addresses in each email’s From field so that the customer replies directly to that dealer salesperson as opposed to back to us here at head office.

This enables us to avoid the timely lag of hand-off from marketing (head office) to sales (dealers) and immediately put the lead in our dealers’ hands. All the relevant metrics are then seen in both Zoho Campaigns by the marketing team but also in Zoho CRM by the dealer sales teams.”

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Customized Lead to Deal Pipeline Management

Unlock the potential of your sales team with Gloo CRM's customized lead to deal pipeline management using Zoho CRM. We'll ensure your sales operations run smoothly from automatically capturing the initial lead in CRM to follow-up notes and activities to quoting to successful deal closure.

We'll optimize your sales processes for success with solutions such as, (but certainly not limited to!) tight integration of estimates, territory management and even complex requirements like custom taxing exceptions. We'll set you up with the best estimating options whether that be from the accounting system called Zoho Books, or the Zoho CRM Quotes module or the more robust CPQ module. Experience a smooth handover from Sales to Finance and Production.

Easy to use but Powerful Financial Suite

Empower your finance teams with Zoho Books, a robust tool for invoicing and payment processing. Integrations with Zoho CRM and Zoho Analytics create a financial ecosystem, enhancing visibility and efficiency.

Leverage reporting tools within Zoho Analytics for in-depth financial analysis and budgeting. Transform your financial management, reduce errors, and gain control over your company's finances.

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Efficient Production Planning and Collaboration

Gloo will help personalize Zoho with customizations and integrations of Zoho Projects, Zoho CRM, Zoho Books and Zoho Inventory to streamline your production and manufacturing processes. For example, Zoho Inventory ensures optimized stock levels and waste reduction. Zoho Projects enables you to plan and collaborate on your manufacturing processes, fostering a culture of efficiency and innovation.

Insightful Decision-Making with Zoho Analytics

Gain insight into your business operations with Zoho Analytics. Integrated with many Zoho applications, Zoho Analytics provides enhanced visibility into customer demands via metrics and key performance indicators.

Tired of searching for reports? Let us build custom dashboards for you.

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