Our 5-Step process

Gloo's Methodical Path to Zoho Excellence

The success of your software system relies not only on selecting the right software solutions but also on having access to ongoing technical and business expertise. It is vital for us to begin by understanding your business process. From there, we move on to configure, support, and develop that system, all while keeping you and your team trained on the new systems in place. Our 5-Step Process ensures the best customer experience possible by mapping each relevant stage of your customer’s journey through your organization to the appropriate Zoho application.

5 Step Methodology

What to expect

01    Evaluation

Is the search for the right CRM painful? Too many choices? Don’t even know what to ask the vendors, let alone choose which vendors to ask? We can help!

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02   Discovery

During discovery, we assess and document your current and future processes, note the gaps required to get you where you want to be, determine a plan to migrate your data, document our solution, and also quote your implementation.

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03   Implementation

Migrate your data, configure your system, manage the project, test our work, train your management, administrators, and end-users, and support you along the way!

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04 Review

Building on what we’ve learned, the review consultation helps determine what is needed to ensure your continued success going forward.

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05   Client Success

You may have already worked with Gloo on your implementation. Or you used another third party but are looking for something better. Or you did it yourself. Now consider working with Gloo to continue to help you get the most out of your Zoho system.

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