About Us

We are Authorized Zoho Partners and at Gloo we ensure our clients get the most out of their Zoho business software.  We also recognize that people and processes are just as important as technology and our values an mission are aligned with ensuring we deliver the best solutions to our clients. 

Our team of consultants brings years of experience working for several leading CRM and business software companies as well as a full technical understanding of Zoho’s full suite of products. We will design the most optimal solutions for your business and provide consulting, professional services, data migration, training plus integration of Zoho apps as well as third party solutions and full development services.  

Our Values

We value integrity, accountability, communication and superb service to our clients and to each other.

Our Mission

To provide clients with streamlined, efficient and well reported software systems. While offering superb and affordable services in-line with Zoho products.

What We Do

We help businesses achieve their goals..and we do it well. We stand by our clients at every step to ensure a smooth transition. 

Our History

We like to go after what we want. Lorin, having a passion for technology and a history in CRM was drawn to Zoho’s software applications for many reasons including its flexibility, functionality and the company’s overall mission. He contacted Zoho in 2010 because he noticed there was no Zoho representation, that is, no partner, in Vancouver. After proving Lorin’s history and credentials to Zoho, they agreed! Since then, Gloo has grown to a thriving boutique consulting business. Back in those days, clients needed CRM – and that was it. Soon though, they needed email marketing too. Then, over time, they needed more, Zoho responded with more features and applications and Gloo got busy! We now support the entire suite of 40+ Zoho applications including not just CRM. A list of many of the applications can be found on our product page.

Why choose us?

We are an Advanced Zoho partner and have been a partner for over 9 years. We’ve watched Zoho grow over the years and have grown ourselves. We’ve gained tons of knowledge, experience and connections along the way. We are committed to continual development and growth of our business, our team and ourselves.   

We provide support and training to our clients.  We will never just implement a system and walk away.  Your success is truly our success and we ensure that your business is fully supported to take on change in stride

We invest time find the right employees to support our clients. Our employees excel in their roles and are passionate about what they do.  What more could we ask for?!

We practice what we consult. We exclusively use all Zoho applications pertaining to our business  so that we understand what our clients are going through. This helps us learn   every nook and cranny of the Zoho applications.  

We really and truly care about our clients. If something isn’t going right for your business we tend to help over and above.  We will search deep and wide for all viable options.  

Would you like to start a project with us?

Call to learn more about pricing, process, implementation or anything you have questions about!