Our Process

The success of your CRM system relies not only on selecting the right software solution but also on having access to the ongoing technical and business expertise necessary to understand and consult with you on your business and processes and then configure, support and develop that system as well as keeping you and your team trained. We help you build the best customer experience possible by mapping each relevant stage of your customer’s journey through your organization to the appropriate Zoho application.

Gloo simplifies your life with solutions to your business systems headaches:

gloonew Client Success Program Evaluation Discovery Implementation Review

Our Solutions


This initial process happens before you purchase our services. The goal is to determine which Zoho products and Gloo services will be the best fit and generate a proposal for you. This is accomplished through a consultation in which we ask you very targeted questions to begin to understand your:

Operating Environment
Issues & Goals
High Level Requirements


By far the most important phase of your project, discovery lays the foundation for your implementation’s success. During discovery, we assess and document your current and future processes, we note the gaps required to get you where you want to be, determine a plan to migrate your data, document our solution and also quote your implementation.

Process Documents
Data Migration Plan
Requirements Document


In the implementation process, we use everything we’ve learned from the evaluation and discovery processes to set up and configure your Zoho system including informative reports to help you make better business decisions. Then we train you and your staff to use it.

Professional Services

Data migration
Implement new Zoho apps
Integrate new Zoho apps

Custom Training

Management training
End-user training
Administrator training


Building on what we’ve learned about your business in the implementation, the review consultation provides both you and Gloo three key insights:

Further business needs
Other Zoho applications
Benefits of Client Success Program

Client Success Program

Gloo earned its designation as a Certified Zoho CRM Consultancy partly due in part to our experience in implementing Zoho CRM systems. You’ll benefit from our team’s extensive experience in consulting, configuring and integrating Zoho systems.

Professional Services